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Hair Brush and Straightener

Hair Brush and Straightener

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Function introduction:
1. Plug in the power and the fnd displays the word "Off", and it is in the standby state (no heat)
2. Gear display: Fahrenheit 250 265 285 300 320 340 355 375 390 410 430 450
Degree celsius 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230
3. Press the power button often for 2 seconds, the machine is turned on, the fnd display gear is 355 degrees fahrenheit (180°c), the fnd display gear word starts to flash, and the machine starts to heat up. After flashing three times, the flashing stops, and the fnd displays the real-time temperature value until the temperature reaches the selected gear.
4. Use the "+" And "-" Buttons to select different gears.
5. Press the open key for 2 seconds to shut down and the machine is in the standby state (fnd displays the word "Off")
6. If the button is not operated for 4s, it will be automatically locked and the button will be invalid. At this time, when the button is operated, the fnd will instantly display the words "Loc", and the selected gear will be displayed when the button is released.
7. Press the "On key" Twice within 1 second to unlock it.

8. This machine has a memory function: Without unplugging the power plug (standby state), the heating display position when it is turned on again is the position when it was turned off and stopped the heating last time. If you unplug the power plug and plug it in again, the memory function will fail, and the display gear will be 355 when the heater is turned on.
9. Press the "+" And "-" Buttons at the same time, the fnd display can switch between fahrenheit and celsius.
10. It will automatically shut down after 30 minutes when it is turned on and it is in the standby state. Display the word "Off"


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